Tuesday, August 26, 2008


You are going to be sick of hearing how amazing the Stampin' Up! incentive trip was, but I just can't even begin to tell you just how incredible this trip really was. Stampin' Up! really blew my mind with all the gifts they heaped on us (talk about spoilt rotten!), and then there were all those incredible demos who were just so amazing - talk about open and willing to share, it was really just an incredible experience on so many levels.

Harry and I are determined to be heading to Noosa next year for the next incentive trip to meet up with all these amazing people again, but for now, I want to share a few of the photos that we bought back with us ...


Our room was actually more like a townhouse than a hotel room - upstairs and downstairs and as big as some of the houses that we have lived in! As you can see below, Harry thought it was really comfortable!!



It seemed that every time we came back to the room there was another gift for us! Talk about making us all feel special - it was like Christmas every day!!

me and shelley
Shelli & I

harry & sterling

Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with Shelli, however, Harry didn't think it was fair that Sterling (Shelli's husband) wasn't given the same attention. As we rode down on the cable car with them, Harry said to Sterling "It's so great to meet you. Can I have my picture taken with you?" Leave it to Harry to get the giggle!

Ngaire Don and Harry Me

We had the privilege of spending a few hours with Ngaire and Don Anderson on the train trip up to Kuranda. Ngaire is the Australian #1 demo and has just blown the minds of all demos everywhere as to how well she has done, but you will never meet such a really lovely and humble couple as these two. We had a really great time with them, of course it helped that Don is also American and he and Harry started talking USA stuff from the start ...

bathrobeOne of the gifts we received was a beautifully soft bathrobe (really scrummy!). Somehow we ended up sitting by the pool in our bathrobes in the middle of the resort complex having our photos taken with Aaron the Aussie Country Manager (yes, he does have tickly feet!)

whole groupThese are the incentive trip earners for 2008 (albeit a little more formally dressed than in the bathrobe photo!). 22 Aussie demos and 3 Kiwi demos. What an incredible bunch these ladies are to hang with. I have been truly blessed to be able to spend a week with them!

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Susan said...

Glad you had a great trip Sharlene, but I guess it is back to reality!!