Monday, May 05, 2008


I have been wanting to play with my Cherished rub-ons that I got last week, but haven't had a chance until tonight. They are sooooo easy to use!

I started with a black photo frame that I picked up in the Warehouse sale bin for a couple of dollars. I wiped the frame with rubbing alcohol to remove any fingerprints or grease, placed the rub-on where I wanted it, and then rubbed it with the enclosed "rubbing stick" (otherwise known as a popsicle stick) and voila - it was done in about 5 minutes! It would have been done in 2 if I could have decided where I wanted the pieces to go! These are so easy it's almost scary ...

blank photo framephoto frame rubbed

Before ... 5 minutes later!

Sorry about the picture - Harry picked it out! This was over a decade ago when we went to Euro Disney. The only thing I wanted to do while we were there was to get my picture taken with Tigger. I finally found him and snapped this picture. Can you tell it was before we had kids and got to do silly things just for us?

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