Tuesday, May 06, 2008


If you have been to a class or workshop this month, or if you have read my latest customer e-mail, then you will already know how I am rewarding all my loyal customers and friends, but for those who don't know yet, this is how it goes:

Starting April 1st 2008 until March 31st 2009 with every order of $50 you place with me you will get a stamp on your loyalty card.  Spend $100 and you will get 2 stamps, etc.  

When you have 10 stamps on your card you will receive a $50 voucher to spend on anything in any current catalogue!  Think of it as a 10% discount on everything you buy through me! 

If you have already placed an order of $50 or more this month, you already have a loyalty card, you just didn't know it yet ... there are a few of you who are already half way or more towards getting your first $50 voucher - way to go!!!  Now how on earth are you going to narrow now your wish list to decide what you are going to buy with it???

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