Wednesday, January 09, 2008


It's the start of a new year, so it must be time for a New Year's promotion!!

heat tool

Starting this month, I will be offering a different accessory each month at a special price. This is not a Stampin' Up! offer, so you won't find this offer on the Stampin' Up! website, you will need to keep an eye on this blog and pay attention so you don't miss anything important ...

For the month of January, you can purchase the Stampin' Up! heating tool at 15% off catalogue price with any purchase from the annual or mini catalogue! That means that you will only pay $51 instead of the normal $59.95!! (this price is before shipping)

This is one of those accessories that you will wonder how you ever did without once you have it in your hands. No more embossing over the toaster, no more drying off watercoloured images under the grill - you will actually be able to stamp out of the kitchen!!

For those who have wondered, a hair dryer will not do the same job as it doesn't heat embossing powder, just blows it away (trust me, this is the voice of experience talking!). A heat tool doesn't blow like a hair dryer, and gets way hotter than your hair dryer will ever get.

I will be using my heat tool a lot during workshops and classes in January, so keep an eye out to see how many different ways you can use this tool.

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