Sunday, May 15, 2011


One of the projects that we made at Stamp Club this month were the cutest butterfly mobiles.  We used the Big Shot Adhesive Sheets to adhere designer paper to ice cream cartons (we’re great recyclers here in Taranaki!!), and then ran them through our Big Shots to create these cute butterflies that are just perfect for a mobile. 

butterfly mobile karen

Karen got the great idea to not only use the positive cut out butterflies, but also to use the negative pieces as well (the pieces that we would normally throw away).  You can see the negative butterflies at the bottom of Karen’s mobile. 

Stamp on!!

FYI - I wanted to photograph Karen as well as her mobile, but she wouldn’t let me … she was probably afraid that if her gorgeous face was shown to the world that there would be a mass of men showing up on her doorstep and her husband wouldn’t appreciate that, so this is as much as I’m allowed to show  … Sorry Karen, couldn’t resist!!!

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Debbie Lamb said...

What a wonderful and innovative idea! A shame my two daughters are past the mobile stage (they're 15 & 17 yrs). Congrats Sharlene on being 6th NZ Demonstrator of the year. Well done you :)