Sunday, September 26, 2010


I had Chase choose a number after we finished $2 cards today and he choose “14” and then I totally forgot to update my blog and tell you all about it!!

Anyway, congratulations to Susan in Palmerston North.  Susan, you must be extra special since I know you’ve won at least one prize before!!  I’ll get that fabulous Artistic Etchings set out to you very shortly!

For the rest of you who left comments on the blog candy posting on my blog, I have a special thank you for you too - when you buy your own set of Artistic Etchings before the end of October, you can also choose a marker in the colour of your choice at HALF PRICE!  See, it pays to leave comments on blogs, doesn’t it??

Tomorrow I will share another of the cards that we made at $2 cards, it was made with my very special Artistic Etchings set (told you I LOVED it!!). 

For now it’s late and I’m off to bed, but had to update you all on the winner of this set!!

Nite for now!

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Susan Swan said...

Thanks Sharlene, can't wait to get something in the mail other than a bill!!