Monday, January 11, 2010


I am really loving these cute Sweet Treat cups – you can’t even begin to imagine how many different things you could put in them … anything from candy to jewellery to small toys, or how about brads or ribbon (for those crafty people in our midst!).  Think about it - it kind of blows your mind, eh?

bugs & kisses treat cupI was working on Stamp Club projects and came up with this Bugs & Kisses card, but I wasn’t able to find any bug candy (what sort of country is this that you can’t find bug candy?).  I stole one of the boys toys to take the picture of the card, but I have a feeling that they will want it back soon …


flower treat cupSo then I had to go in a totally different direction and came up with the flower card with the chocolate drops in the centre.  It turned out really cute, so then I wasn’t quite so upset about the Bug card not working out (and chocolate always makes you feel better!).  

The tab you can see on the side of each card is a “slide door” so that you can empty the treat cups of their goodies without having to pull the whole card apart – how cool is that!  Although considering that it’s chocolate in there that may not be such a great thing to be able to get at it?? 

If you want to learn all sorts of new things like this, then make sure you join one of my Stamp Clubs asap!  We still have a availability for both the Thursday morning and Thursday evening Clubs, so what are you waiting for??



Susan Swan said...

Those two cards are seriously great.

Trina Leeson said...

I have seen ladybug chocolates here in NZ and I think they will fit in the cups, try the local dairy, you might be in luck (then your boys can have their toy back LOL)