Thursday, January 07, 2010


So the plan was that I was going to have actually stamped or scrapped something to show you tonight, but believe it or not I still haven’t stamped since before Christmas!!!   So I’m going to share one last birthday card.  This one is from Michelle and uses one of my favourite sets – Upsy Daisy.  Thanks Shell!

Michelle b'day card 

I think this is the longest time in forever that I haven’t actually stamped anything.  The good news is that I’m actually getting some spring cleaning done.  We’ve cleaned out the garage and I’m going through all my craft stuff to see what can go in the garage sale on Feb 6th.  I’ve already put a lot of items out on Trade Me, but there is still so many things that I can’t sell online because of Stampin Up regulations that I’m going to have a HEAP of stuff for the garage sale.  If you are going to be around on the weekend of Feb 6th, then come on over!  We’re at 147 Seaview Road in New Plymouth and I’ll have a few tables just of craft stuff that will need a new home …

I guess we all need to have a break every now and then, even from the things we like doing!  It’s been a lovely long break and I’ve even got lots of reading in as well – in fact I think I’ve read more books in the past month than I have the past year!  But I’m really planning to get some stamping done in the next day or so as I have Stamp Clubs starting again on Monday, so I have to be prepared for them if nothing else. 


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