Friday, January 01, 2010

HAPPY 2010!!!

Wow – can you even believe that we’ve into the New Year already?

I got a fabulous card in the mailbox today (I still haven’t figured out how she managed to get it delivered on a public holiday – maybe she knows something about the PO that we don’t?), but I got this lovely card today from my friend Debbie.  Thanks Debbie – it really made my day!! 

debbies bday card copy

I also go another lovely card from my Mum with something special in it this afternoon as well.  You can always count on Mum’s to make you feel loved …

I was rather spoilt by my 6 year old as well.  Parker got up this morning and made me breakfast in bed all by himself!  I got a bowl of museli covered in about half a litre of milk, and some butter with a slice of toast under it …  He was so excited about having done it all himself that I couldn’t help but be impressed.  isn’t he just so cute?!

Hope you have all had a wonderful New Year’s Day in the sun with your friends and family!  I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again in the not too far future.




Debbie said...

Hi Sharlene. Not sure how the postie managed to deliver on a public holiday, especially as it was posted in Masterton, on the way to 4 nights in Martinborough to go visit some vineyards!!! I hope you had a happy birthday. See you soon.

Kelly said...

Hi Sharlene.
Happy (belated) birthday for the 1st!