Wednesday, December 16, 2009


At this time of year we can’t help but appreciate how much the local teachers have put into our children through the year and we want to thank them and show them that we do appreciate it.  Well of course that’s the reasoning, but for some reason it always seems to wait until the last minute in my house … hence Monday night I was finishing putting together this box for Chase’s teacher since they finished school at midday on Tuesday.  I got it done and gave it to Chase to take to school on Tuesday morning.  

teachers gift
Outside of the box.  I loved how easy using the Circle Scissors made it to create the “window” on the front of this box.  I LOVE those scissors!!!  If you haven’t already seen them in action, then come and have a hands-on time with my scissors – I guarantee you will be totally blown away by them!!
teachers gift inside
Inside the box I have made a few gift cards with envelopes and of course some chocolates as well (she will need some energy for all the stamping that she will be doing over the holidays!!)

Now I just need to do one for Parker’s teacher this afternoon to give her tomorrow morning …

Speaking of Parker, look at this cute photo that I nabbed of Parker relaxing with our cat, Tiger.  Aren’t they just too cute together??

parker & tiger


KarenR said...

what a fantastic present & if your Tiger needs to visit another Tiger - let me know he's just adorable (so is Parker too)

Sue said...

Gorgeous box Sharlene and love the son/cat photo, way too cute! TFS