Sunday, December 20, 2009


I’ve been a sick puppy for the past few days, so I haven’t even been near my blog, but since I’m actually feeling quite a bit better this afternoon I thought I would share some of the fabulous Christmas cards that I have received from so many wonderful downline and customers!  I’ve been rather spoilt, don’t you think??? 

Beth Christmas card

This easel card came from Beth.  Thanks Beth, this is awesome!!!  I haven’t even opened your lovely pressy yet either, although from the crazy way the cat is acting around it I’m assuming it’s edible???

diane christmas card

This one is from my fabulous downline in Upper Hutt, Diane.  Don’t you love the Celery and Eggplant together – just stunning!!

 Melinda & Kathy Christmas cards

Season of Joy is such a fabulous Christmas set and I got 2 wonderful cards from 2 of my amazing downline made with it!  Melinda made the card in front, and she also made me the most amazing fruit mince pies made with apricot and no sultanas (whoops, sorry Harry, you missed out on those!).  Kathy made the 2nd card and took pity on my cooking skills and gave me a oven timer (twice recently she has dropped by for coffee and managed to save things in the oven that I had forgotten about!!)

 Debbie Christmas card

The last card I have to share is from Debbie.  She was one of my very first customers and has put up with me ever since.  It’s been such a pleasure to get to know Debbie during that time, she is crazy but totally fabulous!!

Thank you ladies for your lovely cards, getting all these great cards has made me feel so special! 


I’m sure that by tomorrow I’ll be feeling well enough to actually stamp again, so hopefully I’ll have something new to share …

I’m hoping that you are not so wrapped up in buying gifts and sending cards that you aren’t taking time to enjoy your family and friends at this time of year and to remember that Christmas is not about who gets the biggest gift, it’s about celebrating the best gift of all – the wonderful gift of Jesus! 


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yoginaki said...

Hi sharlene, I loooove the card that Debbie made you I wonder where she made that (hehehe). Could that have been with one of your wonderful Downline, way down here in Hawera???