Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I had to share with you what I have to put up with every time I want to print anything!  I purchased a 2nd printer that would print directly onto cardstock (this has been such a life-saver with classes!).  Anyway, we already had the colour printer on the computer desk, so we had to put the black and white printer on top of a box beside the desk. 

As you can tell, Tiger has taken a particular interest in the printing process and comes running to sit and watch the printer and "help" when he hears it start printing ... 

tiger printer 1
"Let's see what's printing today ..."
(just so you know, the box of chocolates you can see there are for Stamp Club last night - honest!)

tiger printer 2 copy

"Here, let me give it a helping hand ..."

tiger printer 3

"If I wait long enough something else always comes out of here"

If you would also like an Assist-a-Cat, let me know, I'm sure you could borrow him from time to time ...


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mudmaven said...

I have a little helper just like Tiger (same color too)! I don't know what it is about printers, but Harold will jump up and sit right on top of it to "help" the paper along! He will come running even interrupting one of his many daily naps, just so he can help out. ~chris