Friday, August 14, 2009


If you read my blog, then you would have seen lots of the projects that we have done for Stamp Club over the past 2 1/2 years.  Lots of my "girls" have been with me for that whole time and it is such an amazingly social group that it's my favourite "class" of each month!

I have already had 4 new ladies (apart from my "oldies" coming back) want to sign up for the next round of Stamp Club starting in mid January 2010, so I though I would put a note out there and see if there are any others interested in joining us.  If there is enough interest I will look at opening up an extra day-time Stamp Club as well.

acetate matchbox 2

This is one of the 3 projects that we did this month at Stamp Club.  For those of you who are WE Stamp members, you might recognise this, as this is one of the projects that I provided for the first round that has just finished.  While we don't do many, we will do 1 or 2 of the WE Stamp projects in Stamp Club after each round has finished.

If you are wondering what Stamp Club involves, it's really very simple ...

You can either join a Stamp Club that I have already got running, or if you have a group of friends that are interested in stamping and learning new ideas and techniques in a social atmosphere, then you can get your own group together and I'll come to you (I can provide you with more details if you wish to look at this option).

As a Stamp Club Member this is what you agree to:

· I agree to meet each month for a Stampin’ Up! class hosted by Sharlene to create wonderful works of art.
· I agree to have fun and develop my love of Stamping!
· I agree to be hostess when assigned and to accept all the free gifts and incentives offered to me as such.
· When it is my month to be hostess, I will have to do absolutely nothing but provide my fellow club members a light snack (drink and biscuit is great). As my Stampin’ Up demonstrator, Sharlene will do everything else - set up, plan, organize, and run the class and do the laundry (okay, maybe not the laundry).
· I agree to purchase the stated minimum monthly amount of merchandise (plus shipping) from the current Stampin’ Up! Idea Book and Catalogue or mini catalogue (see chart below for amount per person).
· I understand that even if I cannot attend a club meeting, I must still submit my order to the hostess by the date of the meeting.
· I understand that I will commit to buying $35 a month so that we reach hostess level and each hostess gets their hostess gifts!

There will be something special on offer for those of you who commit to Stamp Club before the end of November, so contact me today to find out more!


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