Monday, August 17, 2009


Okay, so maybe I've got chocolate on the brain.  Not just because I like it, but because my wonderful kids and husband conspired to eat the chocolate that I had bought to wrap up with a birthday present for a wee friend of Parker's! 

I had chocolate sitting on the bench for including in Kobi's present and when Parker asked me if he could have some and I said "no", so being a kid he went and asked his father!  Harry, not knowing what had gone on already, gave both the kids some and I was left having to go to the store again to get some more healthy snacks to include with the present!!!  Aggggh - I swear sometimes they do it on purpose!!

Anyway ... this is my version of "trees in chocolate" (or maybe that should be "trees in cocoa with a hint of chocolate"??) ...

Lovely as a Tree 11 

Stamps:  Lovely as a Tree, Sanded
Cardstock:  Close to Cocoa, Basic Black, Naturals Ivory
Inks:  Close to Cocoa, Chocolate Chip
Accessories:  hemp, Latte button

Keep on stampin'!

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Christyne (aka Apple Blossom) said...

Should I say that I'm glad the chocolate was eaten? Perhaps if it hadn't been eaten you would not have come up with the idea of this simply stunning card.

So yes, I'm glad the chocolate was eaten and that you had chocolate on the brain...and made this!