Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Okay, so I'm really slow on getting photos on my blog, but I've been crazy busy since we got back and haven't even had a chance to stamp yet (shock and horror).

Here are a few photos from trip.  I've "borrowed" a few from other demos where my camera threw a fit, but I knew you would want to see what an amazing time we had with some good photos! 

desert night 1We started trip with an amazing welcome dinner on the Wednesday night.  We got to sit with Dave & Jennifer (from SU USA), Claire Daly and her guest Sue, Garry and Patrice Halliday-Larsen.  The food was amazing, but the desert bar was out of this world - super scrummy!! 

I had to take a picture of the "Aloha twins".  Harry and Aaron both had on their Hawaiian shirts on the night ...

hawaiian kids


We got back to our rooms to find an apron, chef hat and a lovely hand-written card from Shelli.  Now if you know me you will know that Harry is the chef in our relationship, so I must admit I was a little worried that they were going to make me cook!  Can you imagine trying to explain food poisoning to that many people??
cooking gift  

ferry boardingAs it turned out, Thursday had us cruising the river down to Ricky's Restaurant where we spent a fabulous morning learning how to make some of the amazing things they have on their menu.  Our chef was actually a Kiwi from Christchurch, so that was kind of cool.

Rickys 1rickys 2 
I think I was set up - they gave me a hat that thought it was a pancake and kept going flat all the time (you can see me on the left of the photo above - the one with the squashed hat!!), and of all the things that they could have put me on preparing, it had to be olives (which I hate).  Funnily enough, I actually tried a couple and they weren't half bad.  Imagine how good they would have been if I had actually liked olives to start with ...

Megan really got into her role as SU chef, although I think I could have got into my role better if I had been doing chocolate truffles as well!  As you can see, she is very much a hands-on cook!!

megan working megan hands

Afterwards we actually got to eat what we had made (although we were so slow on crumbing the olives, that our chef had to take them away and get a professional to finish them up so we could eat lunch before night fall!).  We got to sit  with Clare and Sue again, and Clare took this photo of Harry and I.  Thanks Claire - you're awesome!

 rickys food Harry and me at Rickys

M&T groupOn Friday morning us demos spent the morning doing make and takes and swapping.  You will have to see the swaps that I bought back to believe them - they are so amazing! 

This was our make and take table (Dave, Kerry, Jennifer, then Kim, Megan and me in front).  I think we were so slow because we spent so much time laughing and talking, but we got there in the end.  We even had surprises in our bags - "things" that are coming to a mini catalogue near you soon that we can't tell you about yet.  Let's just say that you're going to love them!!

ice cream 1And what better way to end the morning than with an incredible ice cream bar?  A few demos worried about the idea of having desert before their veggies, but we talked them out of that and we scoffed down on the most delicious variety of ice-creams and toppings.  YUM!!

limo groupFriday afternoon a group of 10 of us hired a limo and headed up for an afternoon of shopping at Maroochydore.  While the shopping wasn't that great, the trip there and back was lots of fun! 

We spent Friday evening at the local Surf Club doing Kareoke.  We basically took over the place since there was about 40 of us from Stampin' Up!  We had such a blast, and needless to say Harry did more than his fair share of singing.  Harry did the first song of the evening, he and Vicki did an amazing duet together, and then apparently the last as well (I'd already headed to bed by that stage).  He wandered back to the hotel room about 3am just in time to get up for their 6am departure for deep sea fishing!  I like a much more leisurely pace, so I went shopping with the girls ...

Saturday a few of us headed up to the Eumundi markets and spent the morning shopping (again!).

Saturday night it was time for the farewell dinner.  It was unbelievable - just like everything else on this trip.  We were picked up in classic/vintage cars and taken to this amazing place called the Plantation for dinner. 

We had a fabulous meal - apart from the bread rolls that had received an overly zealous helping of bicarbonate from somewhere, but even that became another reason for a good laugh.  The whole night was lots of talking and laughing and catching up before heading home tomorrow. 

Stampin' Up! had given us each a pashmina scarf at our tables, which came in handy as the evening started to cool off a little!  So thoughtful ...

Even the Exc-loo-sive port-a-loos were amazing with piped in music, flowers, and the likes (Megan really liked those!)
vintage cars Plantation tableplantation 

We were heading up to our room for the first decent nights sleep since we got here when we were diverted by Claire (she's trouble!).  We ended up in Marelle and David's room for a few hours.  Harry started doing card tricks (hopefully Teresa can remember how to do them still), and David was making balloon animals.  It was a hoot - I can't remember the last time I laughed so much!   We wandered back to our room about 1am ...

harry tricks 

Hence Sunday morning came around far too fast - especially since we had to have our bags at the door by 7:15am! 

While I thought last year's trip was amazing, I think this year's was just incredible!  What an incredible blessing to be able to spend 5 days with all these amazing people where everyone makes you feel like a friend.  Thanks to everyone on the trip for making it so special. 

And a big thanks again to all my incredible customers and downline who helped Harry and I achieve this trip, you're all too good to be true!!

Well this has been far too long of a posting (hopefully it won't make your computers crash), but I wanted to share and there were so many wonderful memories that I didn't want to leave anything out ...



Tui Nathan said...

Hi Sharlene, thank you very for your lovely comments on my page. Talking about the pink structures in Hawaii, I knew that there was one other building there, but didn't know what it was - talk about making statements.

Welcome back from your incentive trip. I do enjoy hearing about the 'Oh so wonderful ventures that you all get up to' - you all deserved it .... and .... earnt it, so well done!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sharlene
I've loved ready your memories - wasn't it just the BEST time!! Now to begin 'normal' life again - what a challenge that is. Let's work hard and do it all again next year!
Love and hugs Ngaire

Claire said...

Oh you have made me feel all sentimental reading your blog Sharlene. It WAS awesome wasn't it. Just loved all the time we got to really relax and get to know each other. Loved getting to know you and Harry better this year. You think I'm trouble - what about that husband of yours! Tell him we're doing a duet at Hamilton Island so see you there :)