Thursday, August 27, 2009


Parker had another birthday this week, and I suddenly thought this morning that I didn't have a card that would be suitable for a 7 year old girl, so I had to make up something quickly.  Luckily I have this cute Cheep Talk set - it's so like the birthday girl, Baylee, that I hope she loved it - and the box of scrapbooking and crafting things that she got with her card ... a girl after my own heart!

Cheep Talk 3 

Keep on stampin!


Trudi said...

You're not talking about my Baylee are you??? Her 7th birthday was a few months ago... lol

Sharlene said...

Hey Trudi, it's not your Baylee, but believe it or not but Parker's best friend at kindy and school for the past 3 years has been Baylee (and she's American - go figure!).