Wednesday, March 18, 2009


card case
It was my Mum's birthday last week (I won't tell you which one - she would kill me!). While Michelle and I took her out for lunch on the day, we hadn't finished putting together her birthday pressy to give her at that stage. We got together last night for a family dinner to celebrate and finally got to give her the pressy as well ... and that means that I can finally put it on my blog (she's very inquisitive (aka nosey!) and would have seen it before she got it otherwise!!)

I found this little case at The Warehouse and thought that it would be great for putting together a little stationery box to hold cards and envelopes etc. Well it seemed a great idea at the time, but boy was it more of a job than I had envisaged with having all those riveted pieces to try and work my way around!

Anyway, I finally got there and while it didn't turn out exactly like I had seen it in my head originally, it wasn't too bad. Hopefully Mum will get lots of use out of it.

I decorated the box, made four 4" square cards, made 16 matching envelopes , and 2 pens to put in the box - all made with Petals & Paisley! Don't you just LOVE it when everything matches ...

Michelle has just about finished making the 12 additional cards to put in and will bring a book of stamps to add in as well - that way Mum has everything she needs to send a card right at her fingertips.

hand made envelope

I really have loved this Petals & Paisley paper - with so many colours included in the 1 designer paper, you can pick out loads of colours to coordinate very easily!

Don't you love this - by making my matching envelopes from the double-sided designer paper, I don't even have to line my envelopes! How easy is that!! I love it when things are this easy ...

case 2 before card case  after

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Susan said...

You have done a great job covering that case, and the cards are so pretty! I like the countdown too! I've been doing that in my head for the last month or so!!