Saturday, January 17, 2009


I'm just hanging in my "new" craft room.  Can you believe that Trish and I actually took on my craft room that was feeling small and a little cramped, and moved in three MORE bookcases and now it's awesome and feels like it has more space?!  I'm still amazed that we could fit anything more in the room, but organisation is key!  Thankfully Trish had loads of great ideas!  I am still in the process of finding a home for everything, but it's slowly getting there. 

I forgot to take "before" pictures, but these are the pictures of my "old" room from the last time I cleaned up my room and took pictures.  It was looking a little messier before we started this week than it looks in the photos, but the layout was the same.

craft room 1 
This is what my room looks like now.  Look at all that storage, and everything is in the same room - no more running in and out looking for things in other areas of the house!!  While it doesn't actually look much bigger in the photos, it feels so much more spacious with the new layout.  I can't imagine how roomy it will be once the large table is taken out and the smaller work table put back in!!  I can't believe that I have so much more storage in here, and it actually feels more roomy - that's just so amazing to me ...

 new craft room 3
My computer desk, and book cases containing boxes - 1 for adhesive, 1 for ribbon, 1 for Xyron stuff, etc.  The next thing I need to do is put labels on these boxes so that I can find it all again ...

new craft room 1

All my drawers containing all sorts of bits and pieces!  My SU 12x12 card and paper is stored on top of the drawers, with the non-SU stuff stored on the bookcase on the right.  I have just opened the cupboards at the bottom to find that they are empty!  Even more space to fill up ...

 new craft room 2
My work bench with all my ink pads etc, and if you can just see below the work bench, all my business folders with all my paperwork right there!

The large table in the middle of the room will be moving out shortly and I'll put the smaller one back in to give me even more room!



Keryn Campbell said...

Go Sharlene that looks fabulous!

I've just done a similar thing throwing out more than a wheelie bin full of stuff I thought I'd use one day. Plus a new desk and better storage, I've even managed to get rid of a large shelving unit.

Feels pretty good doesn't it.

Stamping Seasons said...

Room looks great... I started mine and just gave up and made more cards and more mess!!! LOL

Shelley said...

wow, beats mine hands down! grrr im currently working out of cardboard boxes that i sent my stuff down in :(

Susan said...

I wish I had a room all to myself for craft work!! Enjoy.