Wednesday, November 26, 2008


chase bday card 2008_edited-1 I can't even believe it, my "baby" (the eldest baby, not the little one), turns 11 years old today! I can't imagine how he has gotten to his ripe old age so fast - I know I'm not getting any older ... (wishful thinking maybe??)

Anyway, this is the card that I made to give him tonight with his pressy. Because we don't have Bravo Burgundy brads, I did my own "faux brads" by punching a piece of Bravo Burgundy with the 1/4" round punch, and then added a dollop of Crystal Effects on the top for the 3D look. They turned out pretty good in real life (although they would have been better if somebody hadn't touched them late last night while I was doing a class, then there wouldn't be a fingerprint image in any of them!!).

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