Wednesday, May 07, 2008


IMG_6477 copyI have just got BOATLOADS OF LOVE and just had to use it to do a very special card for my wonderful hubby!  For those who haven't heard our fabulous news, Harry has got a job!!!  Hold on, I've got to go and do another happy dance ...

Okay, I'm back again now.  Anyway, after 18 months of being told that he's over qualified for everything that he applied for, he has finally got a really awesome job working for Heliport New Zealand.  So this card is for Harry, to tell him how proud I am of him.  I thought it was particularly appropriate since he's a retired Naval chief ...

Okay, so I know my watercolouring still needs some improving, but I'm trying!

IMG_6478 copyI also have another special card regarding jobs to show you as well.  This came from a very special friend, (Hi Kim!) who was also my downline when I was a demo in California.  She also got a job this week after almost 18 months without a permanent job! 


What an amazing friend she is - she gets a fabulous new job and SHE sends ME a card!  Somehow that doesn't seem right ... anyway, this is the beautiful card that I received in the mail today from Kim.  Thanks Kim - it's awesome!

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