Wednesday, March 19, 2008


I have been spending lots of time going through the brand new catalogue, and one of the few things that I'm disappointed in is that they have retired the detailed embossing powder for a regular embossing powder at basically the same price.

For those of you who aren't sure why I'm making such a big deal about such a little thing, while it's not obvious on stronger images, the difference becomes very obvious when you are embossing detailed images as you don't get as clear and crisp image with the regular as you do with the detailed powder. I tried to take a photo of the 2 samples that I did with the 2 different powders, but I couldn't get my camera to take a detailed enough photo. If you would like to see the difference you will have to drop by and take a look.

I would suggest that you stock up on lots of the detailed embossing powder now while it's still available. All colours except for the Classy Copper are still in stock right now.


IMG_5444 Stampin' Up! have also reduced the size of the rolls of ribbon down to 13.7m for the 1/4" grosgrain ribbon, but haven't reduced the price.

I'm not sure why they did this, I'm sure there is a reason, and while they have given us lots of fabulous new colours that we didn't have before, I would suggest that if you like any of the retiring Grosgrain ribbon colours of Apple Green, Bluebird, Light Orchid, Navy, Red, Tangerine, Taupe, Turquoise, or White, make sure you grab them now as from April 1st you will be paying more per metre.

Remember all the organdy ribbons are going completely, so if you like that softer look in ribbon, make sure to grab some of those before they disappear for good.

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