Monday, February 04, 2008


I know that it's been the first day back at school for the majority of our little ones, but today was Parker's first day ever at Primary School since he only turned 5 last weekend. My baby isn't a baby any more, they are growing up so fast!

Yesterday I was lamenting the loss of my "baby" and Parker informs me "You don't have any babies any more Mum, just 2 big boys". How do they grow up so fast???

Last weekend we had a family birthday dinner for Parker on his birthday and my Mum gave him a "big boy" backpack for him to use for school. He was so excited about it all that he was up before the rest of us on Monday morning announcing that he was ready for school. He was very disappointed when we told him that it was still school holidays and he had another week before he could go to school!

Needless to say there was big excitement this morning as he got ready for "real" school!! I can't wait to hear the reports of his day tonight when I get home from work (did I mention that I'm so busy at work today that I'm writing this during office hours? Shock and horror!!!)

I took some last minute photos of the boys before we rushed off to work and school, and while they didn't turn out the best, they are the best I've got, so here is my baby on his first day of school (note the huge back pack from Nan!):

Updated to add: When I got home from work last night I heard that Parker had informed Harry at the gate of school "you can go home now". Apparently Parker didn't need anyone to walk him to his room the first time - he had it all under control ... ahhh, to be young and independent ...

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