Thursday, February 03, 2011


I had cased a lovely card for $3 card this past weekend that was in Daffodil Delight and chocolate Chip, but Melinda doesn’t like yellow, so she changed it up.  I really like the colours that she used and how it turned out, so I guess I won’t take it personally this time …

melindas card jan 2011

Harry and I have spent the past week cleaning out the clutter in our house.  I don’t get it - when do those gremlins get time to sneak in and put all this stuff in our house without our knowing?  We have already put out 10 sacks of recycling in the past 2 days and an unknown number of trash bags, on top of that we have already sent a few boxes of stuff to Hospice as well with more heading that way.  I’ve listed a ton of stuff on Trade Me as well with more coming.  I’m so excited – we’re finally going to get things under control!!  I’m especially astounded that Harry has finally decided that he doesn’t need to keep the 6 million (only a slight exaggeration!) ball caps that he’s collected from everywhere over the past 40 years … that’s a big deal, trust me!! 

We’ll I had better get back to work or Harry will think I’m shirking!!


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