Saturday, June 26, 2010


Okay, I’ve been sitting on this to post it until I have given the gift to Megan (and her new son Sheldon), but I’ve been really bad and still haven’t got this pressy to them, so I’m going to post this here and then run out to see Megan and Sheldon today and give it to them (hopefully before Megan sees it here!).

You know you’re obsessed when everything relates back to Stampin’ Up! product!!!  I had gone looking for a gift to give to the newest member of our Stampin’ Up! team, and saw this super cute little outfit and immediately knew that it was perfect as it reminded me of something … can you think of what stamp set this might have reminded me of???


I saw this and I thought that it looked like our cute little Fox & Friends set, and of course we could duplicate those colours, so that was the beginning of this matching set …

 Megan sheldon card

Megan sheldon set

Of course we had to have a gift bag and matching tissue paper as well!  Don’t you love being able to create not only cards, but gift packaging and all sorts of fabulous things to give to the important people in our lives?  I do!


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Beautiful - very very tasty