Saturday, July 25, 2009


I had a class on the go today, and thought I would share one of the cards that we did.  The hostess had asked for 3 cards made with Lovely as a Tree, so I came up with 3 cards just like she asked!  Everyone paid $10 and got to take 3 cards home with them that they had made themselves.  We had a great time and they are already planning the next one ... 

Lovely as a Tree 7 

If you would like to get a few friends over to your place, I'll come to you and we can either do a traditional free workshop where I demonstrate a few things and then everyone can do a free card to take home, otherwise if you prefer a totally hands-on class, then we can do a class on the go where for $10 everyone gets to make 3 cards (or we can change it around a bit if you would prefer to do scrapbooking or 3D items, etc).  Give me a call on (06) 753-5337, or e-mail me on and we can come up with a plan!!

Happy stampin!

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