Thursday, May 07, 2009


Hey everyone,

I have finally made it back from Aussie and survived (got through convention, although almost didn't survive 2 days of being dragged around Melbourne shopping with Michelle - she's lethal when shopping for shoes is involved!!)

I have so much to share with everyone, that I will have to break it up a little, but we'll start tonight.  I have been sitting on the phone for the past few hours catching up with my wonderful downline who couldn't make it to convention this year, so this post has taken way longer than it should have ...

I met so many wonderful new friends and amazing "old" ones at convention - it was like coming home!  One of the things I really love about Stampin' Up! is that we develop these amazing relationships - not only with our own teams, but with lots of other teams from both New Zealand and Australia as well!  In fact I even met some more new stamping friends on the airplane from Canberra to Melbourne - Hi Chantelle (and "Hi" also to Stef and all the other noisy Aussies at the front of the plane who tried to embarrass me when I got on the plane ...)

IMG_0100  Michelle, Ngaire, me
IMG_0102Megan, Michelle, Shelli, Lisa, me, Sharlene M

I can't wait for incentive trip to spend even more time with lots of these incredible ladies that I got to meet up with again at convention (the great thing is that 4 of my own fabulous team are joining me and Harry on trip this year!)

I have the most amazing team - fun, crazy, talented, and just downright incredible!  It was therefore my biggest honour at convention to be awarded 1st place with a very special award for Leadership!  I think I get as excited as my downline when they promote, so this is really amazing to me that I got this award.  I'm so incredibly proud of all my downline - they are an inspiration to me in so many ways!  Who would have thought that 2 years ago when I was worried that signing up wouldn't be that great that it would turn out to be one of the most amazing experiences of my life!   Has it been worth it?  In the famous words of Sarah K "Hell Yes"! 

As you can see below, I came home with bags heavier with 8 free sets of stamps!  Dreams du Jour and Bella's Bloom had been on my wish list, so they are really appreciated!!  You might also notice 3 little blue boxes in the picture?!?  Talk about knock-my-socks off - I was "rewarded" for having an amazing team (as if that's not reward enough!) with an amazing Tiffany bracelet, pendant, and matching earrings!  It was particularly exciting as Megan was also awarded the bracelet as well and Michelle got the pendant - how great is that, we can all be twins now!! 

I won't mention names, but I have heard that a particular Aussie demo (who is not necessarily called Sarah K) was so enamoured of her bracelet that she even slept with it on! (don't worry Chantelle, I won't tell her it was you who told me that ...)

awards canberra tiffany from convention

shelli hug
Shelli G - so elegant and such a lovely lady!

I was so proud of my "girls" - 4 of our team made the top 10 Demonstrators of the Year line-up this year - Angela Corbett (who only joined SU just over a year ago) came in at # 9, Michelle Habib was # 7, Megan Finer was # 4, and I came in at # 2.  Thank you so much to all my downline and customers who have made this year so amazing for me on so many levels.

This month is the best month ever to sign up with the amazing $175 deal going on, so if you have even though about joining our team, make sure you at least talk to me now - trust me, you won't regret it, it's an absolutely incredible experience!!  We're already planning our next trip to convention 2010 in Sydney, so come and join one of the most fun teams in New Zealand!!


Susan said...

Well done Sharlene on all your great achievements. Glad you had a great time in Australia. Look forward to seeing new ideas soon.

Sarah Klass said...

You cheeky bugger! My bracelet hasn't left my wrist since I put it on at the awards night! Why, pray tell, are you not wearing YOURS?!!