Monday, January 19, 2009


I had actually published this yesterday, but to the wrong blog (duh!).  So here it is again ...

I have just finished telling you how special my downline are, well now Diane has nominated me for the Marie Antoinette blog award!  Go and check out her blog here, isn't she awesome?!!

Now I just need to nominate 7 amazing bloggers (how do you limit it to just 7?)  Of course you know I'm going to nominate some of my amazing blogging downline for this, but there are just some wonderful and talented non-downline bloggers as well  that provide us all with the inspiration we need sometimes ...

1.    Trudi Hopkinson (incredible scrapper and photographer as well, and amazingly giving with her time and talents to us all!)

2.    Amy Fleming (so talented and so nice too!)

3.    Michelle Habib (my sister and baby-sitter, so I have to keep nice with her!  Of course she is a very talented demo as well!!)

4.    Tracy Jackson (such an amazingly talented lady and just so cool.  I just wish she lived closer so we could hang out and stamp together more!)

5.     Ngaire Anderson (We met on incentive trip and she is just so lovely.  She has an fab website with lots of great ideas!  Also 2008 Aussie Demo of the Year as well!)

6.     Sarah Klass (You will see from her blog that Sarah is talented, but she is so funny as well!  I have to tell you this story about Sarah:  We had been e-mailing before SU got to NZ and I sent her an e-mail after she had been a demo for almost a year and asked her if she would do it again and if it was worth it. She said "hell yes".  Well we finally met in person for the first time at convention in 2008 and when they announced I was NZ demo of the year Sarah came up to me and said "Aren't you glad you listened to me".  Thanks for the push Sarah - you're awesome!!)

7.     Teneale Williams (Just full of great ideas!)

Rules: Link those who award it, post the award & list 7 other nominees deserving of the award

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