Saturday, March 15, 2008


Harry and I have been very lucky this week - we received 3 cards in 3 days!!! 2 were from our wonderful friend Kim, in San Diego, and 1 was from my lovely downline, Miriam!!

I wanted to share them with you as I was so excited to actually get real mail in the mail box that didn't contain bills or junk mail. It's always a good day when you get a card in the mail - I love getting cards ...

IMG_5494 copy
The first 2 cards are both from Kim Rice (Hi Kim!!!). The first one is for me (cause I'm so special!!). You can't see it in the photo, but she used the twinkling H2Os and it sparkles something awesome!!! I love getting cards ...

IMG_5493 copy
The 2nd one was for Harry's birthday. How cool a friend is she - she even remembers Harry's birthday! She used STIPPLED SHELLS that is about to retire. I have loved this set since Kim started sending me fabulous cards with it!

IMG_5492 copy
The 3rd card is from one of my downline, Miriam Oliver (Hi Miriam!!). She is so sweet - she sent me a thank you card for a little promotion gift I gave her. I love getting cards ...

She used a set that will be available in the brand new catalogue next month. You can get it for free next month by hosting a level 3 workshop. Ask me how.

Have I mentioned that I love getting cards? If you want my address to send me a card, just let me know. I will even send you a card back and then we can both be happy that we are getting real mail in the box instead of bills!!

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