Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Cute card from my friend Kim Rice!!

I tried sending this as the card of the week last week, but I was having so many problems with my e-mail that I finally gave up. This is such a simple but cute card that I had to share, so here it is in case you couldn't open the e-mail ...

A beautiful card that my lovely friend Kim sent to me. Super simple and very easy to re-create, she has simply used a wheel and watercoloured it (a girl after my own heart!).

By then splitting the central piece of cardstock into 3 sections she has given it a totally different feel and has made a simple card very appealing to the eye.
Leaves Awash wheel (pg 76)
Words of Wisdom (sorry, this is not available in New Zealand)
Kim Rice, San Diego

That your eye is more naturally attracted to uneven numbers/items? Start looking out for professional designs and patterns, they are typically done with uneven numbers to appeal to the majority. Use this knowledge in your stamping and scrapbooking to make your creations more aesthetically appealing.

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